We continue to create new business models that make everyone involved happier

Continuing to create businesses with growth potential based on the "happy triangle"

Starting with consulting business of parking lots, Nippon Parking Development Group has founded various businesses, such as the restoration business and education. We plan on continuing to set up many more. In the midst of the foundation of a variety of businesses, we value our management philosophy of the "happy triangle". Such a philosophy is based the idea of an equilateral triangle, aiming to make everyone involved "happy", with the owner, user, and society making up the points. When we think to ourselves, "Wow, this would be an exciting business", we start thinking about it from the "happy triangle" framework. Without the balance of these three points, no business can sustain itself and grow. That also means that there are no limits outside of the triangle. For any business in which the "happy triangle" can function, we are eager to take on the challenge and venture out into any kind of business. In May 2016, we established Nippon Theme Park Development Corporation, which manages the theme park business, a villa business, and lodging business. In November 2017, Nippon Healthy-life Development was established, based on the merger between Marunouchi Bike & Run (established in April 2011) and Marunouchi Healthcare Lounge (established in March 2015). Also, in 2018, we are continuing to evolve through the establishment of Rokuyon, which carries out real estate business that includes residential lodging business, which aims to improve value by providing a culture specific to that region and generating a fresh breath of air while solving the problems of Jingumae area, Shibuya-ku (Harajuku area).

Regarding Our Work in New Businesses

There is no kind of excitement that exceeds that of the growth of business. Striving to become a company that represents Japan, sustaining growth rate.

Atsumi: The restoration business of ski resorts and theme park business started out as new ventures, but has already become pillars that are integral to our business. The current ventures are our education, health, and residential lodging business, operated by Rokuyon (established in 2018).
I think when typical countries start new businesses, it takes at least 10 years of the main businesses as the breadwinner, and the new businesses' sales and profits make up less than 5%. But, for Nippon Parking Development, the contributions of the main business make up 60% of the total, while new businesses comprise 40%. These numbers speak for themselves in terms of our company's aptitude in leading new businesses to success. The reason we are able to do so is because, when deciding on a business model, method of collecting investment, and human capital distribution, we judge a business's ability to sustain itself through checking against strict standards accumulated through our main parking lot business and our unique know-how.
In addition, our success also lies in our focus on the width of the existing gaps as we expand our business. For example, for ski resorts and theme parks created 30 to 50 years ago, there is a gap between the users, who are in their 20s, and the operators in their 60s.
This is the reason why sales promotion through SNS is not possible, and the company suffers from its inability to grasp the users' needs.
Businesses have a tendency to do well in such places where the gaps are wide, and we believe that these places are ideal for the formation of a "happy triangle".

Atsumi: We are currently in a position where we are in charge of the entirety of judging how to build a new venture and how to deploy people. What we can say first and foremost is that employees that are not able to prosper in existing businesses, or in other words, employees that are incapable of the creation of a "happy triangle" or the accumulation of investments, and management, are also incapable of working on new businesses. Parking lot business sees each parking lot as a store, and puts each in charge of profit and part-time employee management, which enables each parking lot to generate new managers. What this means is that our strength lies in our function to nurture and generate individuals with potential in management. In other words, human capital capable of management of new businesses increase, as individuals with strong management skills increase through the increase of the number of individuals in parking lot business.
Thus, what we can say is that our mission is to continue creating human capital capable of management in existing businesses. Our company does not discriminate against age, gender, nationality, and academic background - I personally broke away from the typical "age expectation" and established Nippon Car Service Development and became CEO at the age of 26.
As my position goes up and entails responsibility, of course the level of difficulty increases, but as I engage in business, there is no other source of excitement other than a company's growth. It's fun, not because we are doing what we want to do, but because we are growing. In this sense, Nippon Parking Development continues to strengthen its growth power, and has even more potential to grow. Also, we are a company that finds strength in doing new businesses, so maintaining a high growth rate that we have prided ourselves in, and becoming a company that represents Japan, is my mission as CFO.

From home sharing to urban development of the entire area
Solving local issues through real estate

Ono: Rokuyon, a new company established in 2018, handles real estate business which aims to pursue businesses such as residential lodging. What we are focusing on are not large properties that major developers develop, but irregular land or second-class district, real estate that is a good geographic location but is not maximizing its value. By providing a culture specific to that region and generating a new breath of air to real estate in which existing values that are difficult to evaluate, we aim to contribute to the development of Japan as a whole as well as regional economies.
The Harajuku home sharing facility "MOSHI MOSHI ROOMS" which opened at the end of 2018 with the concept of "staying in Harajuku" was popular for mainly foreigners. However, the number of users has dropped sharply due to the disappearance of inbound demand due to the coronavirus pandemic. Therefore "MOSHI MOSHI ROOMS" has shifted to services that focus on the domestic market. We sold it as a home sharing facility for women that looks great on Instagram, which is perfect for birthday parties and girls-only gatherings, and promoted new use as a shooting space for staying. As a result, a certain amount of profit is secured even in the case of the coronavirus pandemic. In 2021, as "Home Sharing x Brand" and "Home Sharing x Artist", a new home sharing business was launched at “Yados Jingumae” in Jingumae 2 cho-me, Shibuya-ku, where fans of brands and artists can stay and enjoy their world view and works. It is a new project that collaborates with different artists every one to two months to decorate the facility with works, and those who stay can also purchase the works. We also collaborated with a nearby interior shop and tried to renovate the room to the taste of that shop. Eventually, we would like to collaborate with an apparel company that has a store on the street in Harajuku to create an "apparel home sharing" system where people can check in at the store, pick up a key, stay at the accommodation, and stop by the store to return the key on their way home. We hope to make this system possible.

Ono: Rokuyon as a whole is currently concentrating management resources in Harajuku, especially in the limited area of Jingumae 2-chome, to acquire real estate and develop solutions for real estate owners. Based on the vision of solving regional issues through real estate, "Will it be more valuable to make this street a street lined with top-class brands in order to revitalize the entire region?", "We need a new co-working space where venture business owners in this area can get together”. We are working on urban development based on the base plan while thinking about solutions for real estate owners. Harajuku is an area that has many different colors, with Japan's most advanced fashion, furniture streets, and video production companies, but it also has many areas that have not yet been touched by corporations. The name "Harajuku" is known all over the world and has great potential so it would be interesting to create something like a real estate fund that specializes in regional properties in the future. In general, real estate securitization diversifies real estate areas in order to diversify risks, but there is a possibility that more core fans will be created by deliberately specializing in areas. It would be interesting to aim for an area-specific real estate fund, a part that no one has done yet. At Jingumae 2-chome, we are also working on a street-all-art trial to decorate art works in various places in the shopping district with the three artists who belong to the shopping district. This is not immediately profitable, but the accumulation of these activities will increase the value of the city. We will expand the real estate business by thinking about solutions for real estate owners, not by the royal road of the real estate business, and by improving by solving regional issues. We will continue to develop our business in such a new way. Then, I want Rokuyon to expand as a business that serves as a pillar of Nippon Parking Development, and go on to create a new business model.

*Information on this webpage is as of the time of the interview.


Managing Director and General Manager, Nippon Parking Development Corporation
Director, Nippon Car Service Development
Director, Rokuyon Corporation
Keisuke Atsumi

Graduated from Keio University in 2007. Joined after interning at the company. In 2011, as a fifth year newly-graduated employee, established "Nippon Car Service Corporation (Currently Nippon Car Service Development Corporation)" and was appointed to CEO. In October 2018, was appointed to managing director and general manager of Nippon Parking Development Corporation. Concurrently holds the position of director of Nippon Parking Service Development Corporation as well as Rokuyon Corporation.

Rokuyon Corporation
President and CEO
Daisaburo Ono

Joined Nippon Parking Development Corporation in April 2007. Became the youngest in the company's history to become director. Established Rokuyon Corporation in June 2018, and became a representative director. Since joining the company, with experience being in charge of the group's financial affairs and accounting, has strived for the development of the entire group, and has been taking on challenges in the establishment and advancement of new business.

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