Corporate Philosophy


Owners, Users and The Society.
We aim to create businesses where all stakeholders involved become happier
by envisioning an equilateral triangle composed of these three components.
Among the parking lot enterprise, we have been reducing social problems such as traffic jams
and illegal parking by maximizing the rent revenue of owners of buildings and by providing convenient
and exclusive services to the parking lot users.
We believe that when the happiness of the owners, users and the society naturally overlap,
our business will grow. Even from now on, the fact that “The Happy Triangle” will be at our core
will never change regardless of the business opportunity we pursue.

Management Philosophy

Contributing to society by putting
underutilized assets to their fullest use

There are many underutilized assets in the world.
Subleasing of parking lots, car sharing and the revitalization of ski resorts
and theme parks are all business enterprises developed to effectively put underutilized assets to use.
We will continue to find such assets and to transform the marketplace.
Most importantly, we will continue to generate
both profits and more happiness in the world.


A company that
expands business into 100 world cities,
produces 100 CEOs,
and lasts for 100 years.

With “The Happy Triangle” at our core,
we aim to contribute to the society
by putting underutilized assets to effective use.
When we first established this corporate philosophy,
we simultaneously chose to expand our business into 100 world cities,
produce 100 CEOs and to build our company to last for 100 years.
Many of our key businesses including the parking lot enterprise
and the revitalization of ski resorts
all began with the passion of a single individual.
We, the Nippon Parking Lot Co., Ltd., aim to create
an environment where more individuals
around the world can take on challenges.

Guidelines for Action

We, the board members and associates of the company, will act upon the principles listed below in order to win the trust of the society and to substantiate our management philosophy.

1.We will provide useful services to the society with the utmost care and sincerity to the safety regarding the service we provide and strive to increase our corporate value.

2.Regarding the active conduct of business, we will act under the applicable laws, regulations and the corporate ethics.

3.We will conduct healthy business operation with the intention of free and fair competition and with appropriate transactions.

4.Information such as the finance of the company and the company itself will be disclosed in an adequate and fair manner not only to our stockholders but also to the society at large.

5.If antisocial forces that pose a threat to social order and the safety of citizens interfere with our business conduct, we will resolutely eliminate them.

6.Board members and employees will mutually respect diversity, personality, originality of one another, and work to create an environment easy to work in and to implement affluence.

7.With full awareness that working on environmental issues is a common challenge for the international society, we will strive to implement measures to resolve them.

Challenge Change Create

We value the self-driven spirit.
Our people think, act and implement regardless of age and experience.
Our people do not merely react to what we are told to do, but create their own work and think as they implement them.
We believe it is because each and every one of our employees
have this self-driven spirit that our company is able to grow.