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As long as there are underused assets and people in need, we will continue to develop our business.

" Happy Triangle "

Building owners, Users, Society.

With these three parties we form a “Happy Triangle” where everyone who is involved is Happy.

In the parking business, we have improved traffic jams and illegal parking by providing reasonable and convenient services to users and maximizing the profit of building owners.

When the satisfaction (Happiness) of Building owners, Users and the Society overlap, we are confident our business will grow along with it.

No matter what field of business we decide to enter, this core philosophy of the “Happy Triangle” will not change.

Our Motto

" Challenge Change Create "

We value “Independent Thinkers” in our daily business. Age or previous experience doesn’t matter. What matters is how each individual thinks for themselves and how they put that into action.

We are a team that finds a problem to work on, and figures out how to solve such problems. We believe that each “Independent Thinker” shapes our company and defines who we are.


Not only the parking business, but also many businesses that can embody Happy Triangle are born.



We have marked great success with our Parking business that started in 1991. Since then we have expanded our expertise to real estate, sports, education, environment and so on.

We do not limit ourselves. It may be difficult to see the connection between our businesses but we always envision a business that will make everyone involved happy and will improve society.We like to keep it very simple.

There are a lot of assets in society that is not used efficiently. On the other hand, there are many people who are in need of such assets. Our mission is to connect these two. We strive to develop a new market and an everlasting business to keep contributing to society.

As long as there are underused assets, and there are people in need we will continue to stretch our business to unseen horizons.



In 2016 we started our theme park business by acquiring a theme park in Nasu, Tochigi prefecture. We provide a wide variety of services and projects besides just managing a theme park.

We also manage villas, and lodges, and recently we started a project to helping stray dogs find a new family.

Our Happy Triangle consists of, our Visitors, the Local community, and Leisure time. Through this business our goal is to strengthen the family bonds of our visitors with unforgettable memories.



Following the burst of the financial bubble in Japan in the early 90’s, Ski Resorts in Japan gradually lost its popularity. Our group specializes in Re-Energizing facilities throughout the world.

We have successfully experienced a steady growth in numbers of visitors. We have also been investing in new facilities for our visitors to enjoy ski resorts not only in the winter, but also the Green Season as well.

For instance, we opened a terrace with a view above the clouds, called “SORA terrace”. Compared to 2013 we are now experiencing 27 times more visitors in the Green Seasons. We will continue to work with the local community to bring joy to our visitors from all over the world.


We currently have offices in Thailand, China, Korea, Indonesia, and Taiwan. We are eager to expand our businesses to other Asian countries such as the Philippines, Vietnam, and Myanmar

Grow business

We are currently establishing the standards of parking facilities in Asia in terms of, “Safety”, “Quality Service”, “Profitability”. We are aiming to stretch our overseas profit to 50% of our whole business.

Our profits are increasing in these Asian countries through our high value real estate consulting services, manned supervised parking and machinery investments.

Scale:1 Million


Exploration of
New Markets

Our goal is to advance into other foreign markets even more aggressively to provide our services.

In countries where we already have offices, we will be developing our projects to achieve high profits with limited assets.

Asia MAP


We will introduce foreign employees working at our company. Each person has the subjectivity, and considering their aptitude, they form their own career.


NPD Parking Consulting
NTD Theme Park Staff
Job Title


Work Country & Location


Job Description

You will be assigned to a management position in accordance with your experience.

①Staff/service management (Year 1-3)
You will be in charge of managing a parking location with a team of staff. You will be required to take care of day to day operations and improve service for visitors and building owners. Since, operation improvment is the key to better sevice most of your hours will be spent in these parking locations to learn the base of our business.

②Sales management (Year 4-5)
Each employee will be responsible of managing a Profit and Loss Statement(P/L) for each location. This will include, increasing sales through marketing in local areas where the parking resides.

③Organization management (Year 6-)
You will be in charge of managing multiple locations as Regional Manager. This mission includes all of the above with a broader perspective. You will be required to but not limited to; manage sales, marketing, service/product development, staff recruitment and employee/staff training.

Carrier paths may vary after this point. These are the possibilities.
・Joining other business in the NPD group (Theme park, Ski Resort etc.)
・Starting your own business in the NPD group
・Managing and directing foreign businesses abroad

A high work ethic, eagerness and entrepreneurship are highly welcomed !


¥250,000 / month


Dormitory (Full rent provided by the company)
Employee's stock purchase plan support fee
Defined Contribution Plan


No experience required.

Language Level(Japanese)

Business Level (JLPT N1~N2 equivalent)

Language Level(English)

Daily Communication Level