Owners, Users and The Society.
We aim to create businesses where all stakeholders involved become happier by envisioning an equilateral triangle composed of these three components.

Nippon Parking Development

Consulting of parking/vehicles solutions

・Parking management operations
・Parking lot purchase
・Parking consulting
・Company car cost reduction
Parking lot lump rental guarantee (sublease)
Hourly rental parking management
Valet parking service
Profitability consulting of parking lot operations
Renewal investment for mechanical parking lot
Parking lot purchasing service

Nippon Theme Park Development

Leisure business

・Theme park, amusement park management, planning, & consulting
・Accommodation facilities operations management
・Management, sales, rental of villa

Nippon Car Service Development

Car sharing services

・Search for monthly parking
・Car sharing
・Hourly rental parking operations
・Monthly rental car
・Monthly parking

TCK Workshop

Education services

・Educational support (local school & supplementary school support, online tutoring for Japanese returnees and students living abroad, returnee entrance exam support, bilingual education support)

Nippon Parking Development

Healthcare services

・Health complex management
・Sales of various health related products
・Health related event management
・Sales of healthcare related services for corporate use in Marunouchi Area
・Promotion support for healthcare related companies
・Running station management for Imperial Palace runners
・Indoor parking for bicycle commuters