As long as there are underutilized assets,
as long as there are people who are in need,
we will continue to develop our business.

In 1991, we started with our core parking lot business,
which has since experienced great growth.
We have expanded our business in various areas
such as real estate, sports, education and environment-related.

We do not set limits when it comes to business domain.
Although our different businesses may seem
unrelated or not synergistic on the surface,
there is a common thread we hold important between them:
every stakeholder involved in our businesses become happier,
and each business holds societal value. It is a simple principle.

There are many assets in today’s world that are not being well utilized.
On the other hand, there are people who are in need of solutions to their problems.
We stand in between, connecting underutilized assets to problem solving.
We have contributed to society through the creation of new markets
and the continuing of our lasting businesses.

As long as there are underutilized assets,
as long as there are people who are in need,
we will continue to develop businesses in various domains.

Message from the CEO


We have been working to provide cutting-edge parking lot services under the corporate philosophy of a “Happy Triangle” since the establishment of our company, and we operate under a clear sense that our mission is to provide solutions that are beneficial to the parking lot owners, parking lot users, and the society at large.

We have been developing businesses centered around parking lot consultation, effective operation of underutilized parking lots, leasing that attracts leading customers to underutilized parking lots, outsource management of parking lots, due diligence and renewal consultation of parking lots, and the VA service business acting as an intermediary for parking lots as profitable properties. In addition, we have established the Nippon Ski Development Co., Ltd. in December, 2005, conducting the revitalization of ski resorts as a new business.

Nowadays, companies are strengthening their actions to preserve the environment. We started our car-sharing business with the objective of meeting the demand for environmentally friendly car use at corporations. The market landscape for our company has also been drastically changing. For instance, changes in accounting rules for impaired assets and increased activity in the real estate market has created a trend for owners to value the profitability of properties. The privatization of controlling illegal parking combined with immediate charges for illegally parking also represents a big change. We aim to provide solutions with high value add to meet the market trends and needs of customers, and to contribute to the society in high public interest fields.

We are grateful for your continual support and guidance.

Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer Kazuhisa Tatsumi